shetland wool week


Hello! Thank you all for the lovely and kind response to my Crofthoose Yoke! I’m sorry i’ve been a bit quiet but things are still quite busy, I’m hoping for a bit of relaxing soon. The photo above was taken at West Sandwick Beach in Yell a few weeks ago, it was a beautiful day!

This is a quick post to let you know about the classes and talk I’m doing at Shetland Wool Week, the programme and booking was announced today and you can see all the events here, I wish I was able to go to some of the classes but I’m sure ill be busy enough!

I’m doing two classes all about my vintage knitwear collection, ill be taking some of my extensive (ahem) knitwear I’ve collected over the past few years and talking about how you can take inspiration from these items. Amazingly one of the classes has already sold out but there is still spaces on the second class.

I’m also giving a talk (solo..sob, i wont have Kate to hold my hand this time!) about being a knitter in Shetland in 2016, I’m very passionate about keeping Shetlands skills and heritage alive so it will cover all the things that inspire me.

If you are coming I cant wait to meet you and if your not I’ll be sure to share as much as I can on here,

Speak soon! xx

crofthoose yoke


Last night was such a beautiful night so I took the opportunity and got Mam to photograph my jumper so I could finish off the pattern for my Crofthoose Yoke! I’ve knit three samples of this pattern and I think this version is my favourite – it fits in so well in the Shetland landscape. The pattern has charts for all three I’ve made and a blank one for you to colour in your own colour scheme.


IMG_8180 IMG_8148

Inspired by my Crofthoose Hat I had the feeling this motif would work great on a Shetland yoke and it does! I’ve done some subtle raglan shaping which makes the yoke a bit lower than a traditional one with short rows on the back above the yoke to raise it higher. It was a bit fiddly to find a way to get the motif to line up in the way I wanted but I’m so happy to have the pattern ready and available,  if you’d like to purchase a copy of the pattern you can do so here! The pattern is available in sizes 32″ up to a 42″ and has been fully technically edited, this is my first foray into multi sized pattern and I’m very excited to have it out..



Happy Knitting xx


a good saturday

Hello! I’m sorry its been quiet here for a few weeks, I’ve been very busy with secret knitting and I passed my driving test! which was very exciting but meant I was practising that instead of knitting – anyway I passed so that’s good. I also went away for a peerie trip to Glasgow to see some of my friends and go to the Dixie Chicks concert, my trip also included going to Ayr to visit my pal Amy which was great!


So yesterday I headed up to Whalsay with my Mam to meet up with one of my knitting pals Linda, I was very excited to see the current exhibition at the Whalsay Heritage Centre. Whalsay is one of the many islands of Shetland and you have to get a ferry to get there – so I had my first experience of driving onto a ferry!


The very exciting exhibition they have on this summer is called Fair Isle Knitting Through The Decades and includes over 140 items, Whalsay knitters are some of the best in Shetland in my opinion and I wasn’t disappointed with the items on show. There were items from the 1920’s to the present day and because they were donated for the exhibition everything wasn’t behind glass which was great – you could have a good look!


the photo shows a group of three brothers and the tank top above is one of the ones worn in the photo.


yokes, swatches and another sample with a photo showing the garment worn



early garments, an unusal jumper and the original sample cardigan from the Traditional Knitting from the Scottish and Irish Isles book, knit by Ina Irvine


mam looking at some of the great texts alongside the exhibition

IMG_8057 col2

I found the whole exhibition really interesting and inspiring. Its really funny to see how the fashions change over the decades but also to see how something’s don’t change much at all! They had organised as much information about the pieces as possible and it was so interesting to read. If you get the chance to go they are open: 2-5pm Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 1st May – 2nd October which means if you are coming for Shetland Wool Week it will still be on. Thank you Linda for showing us around!



It was such a beautiful day that after our trip we went up North to visit my Granddad in Ollaberry, where my Mam grew up.IMG_8095

Spring has definitely sprung now and there are lots of lambs everywhere..


IMG_8127 col4


As well as the lambs running free with their mams on the hills some of the newer babys are still being kept in the shed’s until they are ready to go outside which is nice as you get a close look at them, they are so cute!



I went with Granddad to feed a caddy lamb, one who’s mam has died or wasn’t accepted by their mam, you have to bottle feed them until they can fend for themselves, again – very cute!


I had a great day out with Mam and it made me feel very happy that the weather is getting better!

As an aside.. Shetland Wool Week Memberships are now available, see here! And if you dont fancy a membership the programme will be available from the 17th of May with booking opening on the 24th – its all very exciting!

Ill be back soon with some of the fruits of my secret knitting.. til then Happy Knitting!

plain crown crofthoose

IMG_7802 col3

Hello! Thank you so much for all the lovely comments about my last post, I’m so glad so many of you enjoyed my video, and thanks also for all the nice messages about my hoose hat and jumper, today I thought i’d share another Crofthoose Hat Ive just finished.


I know not everyone is into or wanting to do lots of Fair Isle so I thought I would also do a version with a plain rib and a plain crown, I started this ages away but only got a chance to finish it the other night but I’m really pleased with how it came out. Fair Isle crowns can also be a bit tricky sometimes so this is a bit more mindless.


I used Brooklyn Tweed Loft and made a tiny, tiny dent in my stash. I wanted to try a more greyish colour scheme and I really like it. So if you would like to make a plain crown version of the Crofthoose Hat, heres how!

  • Download the pattern here!
  • Cast on the normal amount and knit a 2×2 rib for 8 rows, I used 2.25mm needles to get a nice tight rib using the Loft yarn, if your using normal Shetland Yarn, 2.5mm or 3.00mm would be fine.
  • Increase and change to bigger needles, follow the hoose chart and decrease as described in the pattern
  • knit 1 row, placing a marker every 12 stitches.
  • decrease by knitting until 2 sts before each marker then k2tog.
  • decrease every other row until 6 sts remain.
  • leave a tail and thread it through the remaining stitches and pull tightly.


I hope you like my plain crown version! Me and Mam found a nice burn to take some photos at, I think it goes nicely with the hat. I’m loving seeing all the projects appearing on ravelry and instagram, it makes me very happy! thank you xx

Speak soon!

eyf purchases

Hello! So I thought I’d do something a bit different and do a video about my purchases at Edinburgh Yarn Festival, so if you are interested have a watch below! also sorry about the reflection from my glasses, I never noticed until afterwards.. typical.

things mentioned:

Shetland Wool Week and Crofthoose Hats!

Hedgehog Fibres

Kate Davies Buachaille

Midwinter Yarns

North Ronaldsay Yarn


Anna Maltz

60 North Magazine

Knitting with two colours by Amy Detjen and Meg Swanson

Rachel Atkinson

Crofthoose Jumper



edinburgh yarn festival


So I am back from Edinburgh!! The yarn festival was brilliant, it was so busy and I got to see so many of my woolly pals, I even felt a bit starstruck sometimes! I am used to people coming to Shetland so it was nice to be out there myself and seeing everyone. The picture above is our stand on the Shetland Wool Week space, you can see we had lots of stuff for people interested in Wool Week to take away..


I wore my Puffin jumper (seen above with Alix – thanks for the picture!) on the Friday and I got lots of compliments on it, that is one of the most satisfying part of a woolly event, everyone appreciates what you are wearing! On Saturday I wore my newest project – a crofthoose yoke!


So as well as my hat I have secretly been trying this idea, I am working on the pattern and of course I will post it here when it is available – along with better photos! It will be my first foray into multi-sized patterns and what better to start with than one of my favourite things to make – a yoke! I had a number of people commenting on it at Edinburgh which had made me feel really good and excited about releasing it.


felicity, kate, misa and me

I cant really describe what this weekend was like, I was totally overwhelmed – in the best possible way – with the feedback I got about my design for wool week, about this blog.. lots of things. Thank you to anyone who spoke to me, messaged me and commented on my last post. I’m amazed how many projects are on the ravelry page for the hat already and how many pictures are on instagram under the #crofthoosehat !

I did do some purchasing.. ahem.. but I’m hoping to show that to you later this week…!

Speak soon xx

crofthoose hat


Hello! here is my design for the 2016 Shetland Wool Week, the Crofthoose Hat! As you know I love crofthouse’s and i’m known for my cushions but I wanted to develop my favourite image into a fair isle motif, my hat uses traditional Shetland techniques: two colour Fair Isle, corrugated ribbing and a patterned crown but with the fun house imagery!


Like other years before me I have designed a few different colourways for the hat, one using J&S 2ply Jumper Weight (see above), Shetland Organics Jumper Weight, Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift and for a fun idea I used the naturally dyed Jumper Weight I bought at the Craft Fair in November.

IMG_7361 IMG_7335 IMG_7340

Im currently in Edinburgh and the Edinburgh Yarn Festival where the pattern will be available for the first time, you can download it now here! thank you for all the kind messages so far, I’m really looking forward to this weekend and I’ll be back at the first of the week to talk about my trip away,

speak soon xx