Shetland was blessed with lots of sunshine this week, in fact apparently Shetland was the sunniest place in the UK on Wednesday!!20140329-200016.jpg


 I wasn’t working Thursday and Friday but I woke up to grey sky’s both those days. The photos above were taken on my phone when I got the chance through the week. After I did what I had to do on Thursday I was leaving my sisters and the sun had come out again. Instead of walking home my usual way I decided to take the long way and walk up and around both Knabs.



I had some sad news at the beginning of this week so it was nice to just sit and think about things, I could listen to the sea forever!

Today began another grey day but by teatime it had brightened up and I went for another walk.. along the same path!




I’m very lucky that this view is a five minute walk from my house, When it is nice weather I really love Shetland.

And the clocks go forward tonight!, Yippee, more daylight!!


13 comments on “walks

  1. Such beautiful scenery!! Looks like picture postcards.

  2. Your photos amke me feel as if I am there in those beautiful surroundings. One day…. I hope. x

  3. Beautiful. Thank you so much for your photos.

  4. Such a beautiful place to be. Thank you for sharing. I hope to visit some day!

  5. Thank you for sharing such beautiful views of Shetland.

  6. slippedstitches

    I’m moving. I am positively moving to Shetland. The pictures are breathtaking. Hope you find the comfort and strength you need to shoulder your bad news.

  7. Absolutely beautiful photos of a stunning landscape (but I’m sorry you’ve had sad news to deal with).

  8. Ohh, I wish I could visit Shetland some day. Beautiful!

  9. I came to Shetland last year and it is very, very beautiful.

  10. Those expansive views do a lot to recharge the soul…..I always feel like a big weight is lifted when I’m in Shetland…so much space to think!

  11. Joan Fraser

    Lovely photos. I want to go out now!

  12. Making me ‘home sick’ for the ocean :( but thank you for that :)

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