thinking lang

Thank you for the lovely comments on my last blog, I’m forever taking pictures and doing nothing with them so.. I thought I’d share more of my photos of Shetland. Some of these might have feautured in other blogs but I hope that’s ok.

IMG_1985 IMG_0464 IMG_0365 IMG_0048









14 comments on “thinking lang

  1. Stunning, absolutely magical, thank you for sharing.

  2. Love the one of the peat drying………when it goes in the fire it is the BEST scent ever. And the sheep with the wool off her neck, must have been itchy and she scritched it off :0 The ponies and and everything………thank you so much.

  3. Love all the pictures but the one of the boats just jumps out right at me.

  4. Gorgeous photos. What a beautiful place. I’m hoping to visit one day in the not too distant future.

  5. Edwina Freeman

    Absolutely magical pictures! Thank you for sharing! Yours is a wonderfully inspirational blog!

  6. You have managed to have pictures of everything I love. I can hear and smell the sea, seeing the turf stacked up to dry brings a smile to my face , I can hear the the sheep and ponies, thank you for taking me on a magical walk to places I love.

  7. Joyce in Melbourne

    Lovely pictures Ella. I am so looking forward to seeing Shetland in July. Threse are a real taste tempter!

  8. slippedstitches

    Beautiful pictures. It seems to be my ideal place and more. Gosh it is beautiful!

  9. I want to visit even more, now I’ve seen your photos. Magical!

  10. Stunning photographs! What an amazing place! I hope to visit some day…. :-)

  11. I want to jump right in to all those lovely pictures and be there!!

  12. Sigh…These are such beautiful pictures, Ella. You are so very lucky to live where you do.

  13. What a beautiful place! I loved seeing these photographs! Shetland is indeed an incredibly beautiful place.

  14. eeps! gorgeous!

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