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60north3i have something quite exciting to share, a little while ago I was asked to write something for 60 North magazine about the exhibition at the textile museum I curated, so I did and today I got a copy of the magazine!


If you read my blog you are probably bored of hearing about it but in the article I went into a bit more detail about the history of the Oil Boom and my inspirations for the items in the exhibition so I hope you find something interesting in it! I love writing but I don’t think its my strongest point (I know what I want to say but sometimes it doesn’t come out how I want!) but I spent a lot of time on this piece and I’m quite proud of myself!


60 North Magazine comes out every season full of articles about Shetland, it used to be just an online magazine but they have started printing it! Which is very exciting for me.. Im published! If you are interested in anything to do with Shetland it is worth a read, its beautifully designed and full of great pieces. If you want to buy a copy you can do so here, but you can also view it online here.

I have a busy couple of weeks coming up, which includes a trip away! (i know, im leaving the island..) and then a very exciting trip to somewhere in Shetland.. all will be revealed in time…

Speak soon xxx

ps.. yes that is a Dolly Parton top. shes my all time favourite!

16 comments on “60 north magazine

  1. I enjoyed your photos and your writing as well on line.

    Let’s hear it for Dolly!!!

  2. Congratulations on being published. I am also a huge Dolly fan. 😄

  3. Well done Ella – I love your blog writing, so I hope you haven’t had to get too formal for 60degrees North!!! The images look gorgeous too. We’ve been thinking of you with that David Cameron up your way… I’m also saving up for a J&S wool duvet, which sounds pretty amazing.

    • Thank you Carys! I didn’t get too formal, hope you like it! Oh goodness, what a farce. I don’t think I’m going to vote for independence anyway but sending the Tories up here doesn’t help!! I saw him in the window at Scalloway hotel though.. Haha!

  4. Congratulations on the article – very exciting!

  5. Girlfriend, you every right to be proud. Ho’omaka’i. 👏 Rock on. 👊

  6. Congratulations! Am excited to read your article!

    Fair-isle related from the USA . . . I just borrowed the book, “Opinionated Knitter” which has Elizabeth Zimmermann’s fair isle design (chart). I will be exploring her pattern further this weekend at Meg Swansen’s Retreat 3, along with your article! I love how the book talks of EZ ordering yarn from Shetland!

    And, I will take the opportunity to share your article with the other Campers!


    sokkgirl (Susan)

  7. Kathy Bernett, Michigan USA

    Congratulations on your great article in 60 North. Very well written, even if you’re too modest to admit it.

  8. galloj1904

    Great read. Have a good trip x

  9. Congratulations on your article, so well researched and written, you should be proud of it! Love the top!

  10. How ahhhh-mazing!!! Congrats and safe travels!

  11. Congratulations on getting published, Ella! I usually just read this magazine online, but will be buying a hard copy of this issue. Well done!

  12. Guess what I’ll be reading on my flight over to Shetland… Congrats!

    :) See you soon!

  13. Sue Wheel

    I really enjoy reading your blog, I ordered a copy of 60degrees North and I think it is really good. Bad luck on getting David Cameron in Shetland, most of us south of the border dont want him either. Your article was brilliant. Well done

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