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if you read Kates blog you’ll know she was up in Shetland last week on a yoke mission for her new book, of course all that looking,talking and thinking about yokes gave me the urge to make one too.. (hello to all my new followers who have found me through Kate!) a peerie while ago now I bought a a very basic chunky knitting machine off ebay for about £80. (a zippy 90 to be exact!) It was during the height of my icelandic knitting faze and I had all these ideas about the bodies I could whip up for Icelandic yokes.. In short the machine needed a new sponge bar and even when I got one its just didn’t knit very smoothly, anyhoozels I put it away for when I had more time to work with it. Last week I had no time but somehow I decided to try out some of my Lopi stash on the machine and it worked great! so over two nights I knitted up the body of a Vormorgun vest, since it was sleeveless I thought I was a good quick thing to try.


So.. 6 days later I have a finished yoke! I used the grey and orange left over from my Strokkur, and the yellow and light grey left over from Annie’s Loki. To try and combat the loose sleeves some people seem to have in the project pages on Ravelry I provisionally cast on the sleeves then when I was finished the body I went back and knit the edgings on a size smaller needles with a few decreases before the rib. My smugness is all totally premature as I haven’t even tried it on yet (update: tried it on before I posted this, fits great!) but it is currently drying, tomorrow is my birthday so I’m hoping to wear my birthday yoke! If i do ill put a picture on instagram which you can see on the right hand side —>


perhaps the yoke reflects the fire from how many candles will be on my cake?.. haha

speak soon xx

22 comments on “birthday yoke

  1. Ella, it’s gorgeous. Happy birthday! x

  2. Now that is something I really like…it’s Orange!! And Slainte!!

  3. Have a fabulous birthday! many happy returns :)
    the colour scheme looks very pretty, a suitable intro to the coming autumn season

  4. It’s so pretty! I love the colours together. And happy birthday.

  5. Lovely, super pattern and yarn and so well done! Very happy birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday! Great yoke there, got a good 70s vibe, enjoy wearing it

  7. Beautiful !
    Happy Birthday ..I bet you have a lovely day

  8. happy birthday darling girl, i hope you have the BEST day, and wear your gorgeous new yoked sweater in good health (and while eating lots of cake). candles, lol.

  9. Love it ….. Happy Birthday Ella.

  10. Happy birthday to you!

  11. Yay Happy Birthday Ella,and that yoke looks amazing, it’s a really beautiful combination of colours, perfect for this time of year….I’m left shaking my head in wonder at the ease you just knit up a vest and then made a yoke… and Kate are both so inspiring.

  12. Wow this is gorgeous, love the colours and design :)

  13. Congratulations with your Birthday and I’m absolutely smitten with your colours!

  14. It looks really cute! I hope you have a fantastic birthday, with all your favorites!!

  15. Happy Birthday! What a gorgeous top to celebrate in :)

  16. Lovely colour contrast. Lopi is the best.

  17. slippedstitches

    Happy Birthday. Wonderful colors.

  18. Happy Birthday Ella! The sweater is lovely, and I hope you have a great day celebrating!

  19. stashdragon

    It’s a beauty! Have a happy birthday!

  20. Happy birthday. It looks like you may have gotten yourself the best present.

  21. I like the colors. This looks wonderful. I will have to put a jumper with a color work yoke on my list.

  22. Karen Maley

    24? Happy Birthday.

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