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I have quite a large collection of knitwear (your so surprised..) some of which I’ve never mentioned on here before, and some of it certainly doesn’t warrant an entire post BUT I thought people might like to see and its also handy for me.. to keep an eye on what I already have.. before I go wandering over to ebay.. again.I have added most of my stranded knitwear but I still have all my Lace garments to add, If it proves popular I may add all my accessories too.. who knows. So if your interested in what kind of knitwear I have please hop on over here.

Speak soon xxx

13 comments on “my knitwear collection

  1. Ella – it’s fabulous, and such a great resource, too. I’m looking forward to seeing the lace collection, I’m currently in love with J&S lace weight in colours but haven’t progressed beyond scarves and ties yet!

  2. What a superb collection, you must be so proud of it. I like it especially that some are your knit and some are given, and that you still wear them! Love it, please do continue with the photos. I have a vintage cardie with, I think, a Fair Isle yoke, inside it says “Knitwear from the Skerries”, a treasure, they are all treasures! Thank you.

  3. Such a lovely idea, and very inspiring. I was unable to resist some beautiful skeins of Scottish wool (not Shetland, sadly) on ebay the other day, in a shade exactly like silver-green lichen – it needs to be another mostly-plain sweater of some kind, but I can’t decide on whether to work a yoke at the neck or to attempt a recreation of the stunning vintage garment from the J&S archive which you posted a photo of the other day (with the stranded band of motifs closer to the waist, and a v-neck)…. Looking forward to seeing the lace collection again too.

  4. What a super inspiring collection and a great idea to archive them like this. You will be opening your own museum next!

  5. Fabulous collection Ella. Very interesting. Looking forward to seeing your lace collection. Barbara x

  6. Very nice collection. I like the way you are photographing them. Great inspiration!

  7. What an amazing collection, and such great idea to catalogue them like this. I remember your blog posts about several of them, including how unbelievable it was that you found a Cowichan sweater in the charity shop in Lerwick and I have yet to discover one here in a charity shop in Canada (and I live very near where the originals were knit!). Not that I’m at all jealous or anything. :-)

  8. Ohhh those two tank tops are just gorgeous, think I’ve lost my heart to them.
    With the wonderful knits on both yours and Kate Davies blogs, to inspire me, I am desperately trying to improve my knitting so I can attempt something as smashing as these (dreaming of being able to one day knit a Fair Isle tank top).

  9. A fabulous collection and such a brilliant way to archive them. Look forward to the updates.

  10. fantastic! loved reading about each knit. I almost bought the same tank at Laurence Odie. Same colors.

  11. Kathy Bernett, Michigan USA

    It was so nice to have a peek into your collection. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  12. Ella, these are all just wonderful!! Do you wear most of them? You must have an extremely large closet to store them in!!

    • I try to Elaine, I need to start selling the ones I never wear. Nope, I have very little storage so it’s always a battle to find somewhere for them!

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