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fair isle toorlie cap


I don’t know about you, but as soon as I have a lot of stuff to do I suddenly find all these other things to be doing… and the above hat is case in point. Yes, i did need a hat, but did I really need to design one? Not really.. But its done now and in the spirit of true procrastination I have even made a PDF that you can purchase from my ravelry page if you so wish!


In celebration for my trip to Iceland, I decided to combine two of my favourite things, Icelandic Wool and Fair Isle! This hat can be busted out in one night if you want or you can take your time, either way It wont take long til its keeping your lugs toasty warm!


I had a look in my many Fair Isle books and decided upon this motif from Sheila McGregors ‘Complete Book of Traditional Fair Isle Knitting’ and I’m very pleased with how striking it is in chunky wool. I used Alafoss Lopi, in burnt orange and ash heather and it is so warm! I sewed on this Pom Pom from my collection of accoutrements but its totally optional of course.


I went for the extremely well thought out name of ‘Toorlie Cap’.. a toorlie is a hat in Shetland dialect. Aaah.. the way I have with words. Inspired.


Ive spent the day today knitting cushions and I will be doing the same tomorrow so really I just popped in to show you my hat, Im really pleased with it!

Speak soon! xxx

16 comments on “fair isle toorlie cap

  1. LOVE love your hat, and the furry pom pom too! off to buy your pattern!

  2. Cute hat. You look terrific. LOVE that pom pom.

  3. So, it’s a ‘Hat cap’, is that like a ‘Muckle great’ wheel ?? hahaha LOVE that Burnt orange. Good job.

  4. It’s a great hat, the colour makes it look extra warm and I can imagine that stranded knitting in chunky yarn is really pretty warm. Iceland here you come!

  5. galloj1904

    Love the hat and it’s Autumnal colouring!

  6. It’s a beaut! I’m not a big hat fan but I love this :) and I’m the same with the procrastination!

  7. !!!! deeply in love with this hat, especially the scale. I see a lot of these being made in the future :)

    • Would you be interested in sharing a little more about your pretty scarf?

      • Its just a simple machine knit cowl, made from Shetland Supreme 2ply Lace in Fawn, wish i could tell you where to get one but its a one off! Xx

  8. Well done, Ella! It’s a lovely hat, and a gorgeous colour! Yummy..

  9. grand hat!!!!! and sounds like a grand trip ahead!!!! (Iceland is on my bucket list!)

  10. LOVE your “hat cap” The colours are fab, and that pompom!!!

  11. Is that a fur pom pom? I love how the fibers contrast with the texture of the stockinette. Very neat. I might have to put a fur pom pom on the Skiff hat (by Jared Flood) that I’m currently making.

  12. Love the fur pompom – great idea, I’d never have thought of doing that!

  13. I would like the hat even more if I knew the ‘fur’ pompom was man made……

    • Sorry to say I don’t think it is, I bought it from ebay but they other options were brightly coloured so perhaps it it!

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