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Kathy Cadigan recently posted a photo on Instagram of her crofthoose.. sorry Kathy, I stole your pose..
Kathy Cadigan recently posted a photo on Instagram of her crofthoose.. sorry Kathy, I stole your pose..


Sorry to anybody waiting to hear from me, this past few weeks have been filled with knitting, washing, sewing, stuffing and more sewing.. on top of working full time.. phewf. I am tired, but I have had the past couple of days off to get everything finished and I’m ready for tomorrow.

The Shetland Arts and Crafts Association Christmas Craft Fair is Shetlands biggest craft fair and this year is the biggest ever with over 90 of Shetlands Crafts people selling their wares, it is held at Clickimin, and takes place tomorrow night, all day Saturday and Sunday.

This is my third year doing the Craft Fair, but every year you still get a bit nervous, Wish me luck!

Ella xx

17 comments on “ready to go..

  1. YES, luck and lots of money!! ;)

  2. Good luck lovely. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos.

  3. Kathy Bernett, Michigan USA

    Have fun, Ella. Here’s hoping you sell out in the first hour & have time to take in the Fair yourself.

  4. The houses are charming! I know you will do really well at the fair. The photos are just beautiful.

  5. Lisa-Marie Haugmoen

    The wee croft houses are so cute! I may have to order one from you. You’ll do very well at the fair.

  6. Well, will wish you luck Ella, although I am sure you will do well. Super set of photos. My only regret is I can’t be there too! Guess there will be a real buzz in the halls.

  7. I wish you a wonderful day Ella. It will be an exciting day. I wish I could be there too x

  8. Good luck. Have an amazingly successful time!

  9. Lara Thorarinsdottir

    Gangi þér vel! (good luck ;)
    I hope you sell all them gorgeous houses and meet lots of interesting people –
    happy weekend!

  10. I’m sure you’ll sell everything! I wish I could be there!

  11. Hey Ella…you dont need luck , you have your sweet way , and your creative talent….pat

  12. Good luck, Ella! I’m sure your croft houses will sell out quickly. If I was able to attend I would head straight to your booth and by a couple first thing, before they all disappeared. :-)

  13. Have a really lovely time! You’ll be out of houses before you know it, ‘cos they look wonderful!!

  14. Françoise

    Good luck – sell loads :)

  15. Ella, I have enjoyed watching your progress over the last month. You set a great example for the rest of us who work full time, but would like to take our craft to another level! Best wishes.

  16. Good luck (even though I don’t think you need it, your wares are oh so lovely!)

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