edinburgh yarn festival 2017

Hello everyone, yes I am back from Edinburgh! Well actually I got back on Sunday but i’ve had a busy week of work so today I got organised and filmed my EYF haul! I had a great time and spend quite a bit of moola so if your interested to see what I bought have a watch below..

Things mentioned:

Edinburgh Yarn Festival

Brooklyn Tweed

Uist Wool

La Bien Aimee

Interpretations Vol 4

Shetland Wool Week

Little Grey Sheep

Ysolda Blend 1


Easy brioche cowl pattern: newsprint cowl

I hope you enjoy the video, thank you so much for all the kind comments and messages on my last post, its nice to know you are not alone sometimes..

Happy Knitting!

moving on..

Hello everyone, I’m so sorry I have been so quiet since I came back from New York, this year has been a bit tough so far but in two days I leave for Edinburgh Yarn Fest and I am. so. excited..!! I thought I’d do a quick blog and remind you all that after Friday when the new patron and pattern for Shetland Wool Week is announced at EYF the Crofthoose Hat pattern will no longer be available for free!

look at all those happy hats and people, don’t you just want to make one? Well, you better download it now! I will be doing a bit of pattern rejigging and then will have it available to buy from my Ravelry store in a month or so. As an aside, I still have a couple of Crofthoose pattern ideas, do you think I should let it go and move on or would you be ok with me developing them..? Let me know.

Im sad that my year of being patron has come to an end but I will always be so grateful for how much it has helped me, my confidence and my skills in designing, I also have all the people who read here to thank for that too so thank you! I finally feel I am getting into the groove again with designing and have been working on a new…. yoke (of course) pattern:

I am hoping to have the pattern out in April all going well so keep an eye out for that! I will probably wear it to EYF on Friday so if you see me come and say hi!, actually if you see me either of the days say hi! I am really looking forward to catching up with friends old and new and doing some serious damage to my bank account. I have been saving up since christmas so I feel a spending spree coming on..

I have been having some family stuff going on which I won’t go into detail about because for one It’s all a bit boring actually and for another, it’s not my problem so probably shouldn’t go around blabbing about it, but anyone who has a parent or family member with addiction issues will understand. I swing from it completely taking over my thoughts and draining me of creativity to being able to carry on ok but at the end of the day I have to live my life too and things like going to Edinburgh will really help take my mind off things!

So hopefully I’ll be back soon with maybe a EYF haul, would that be good? Speak soon xx

new york

Hello everyone, I’m sorry I haven’t been back sooner to tell you about New York, I thought I’d try something a bit different with the gallery above so you could see some of the pictures I took (just on my phone) while I was away. I also filmed a video today with a haul and my thoughts about being in New York, It all gets a bit rambly at points but I hope you like it!

Things mentioned:

Purl SohoLinen Quill and Alpaca Pure Helix

Do Ewe Knit Hedgehog Fibres Chubby

Yarn CupboardWoolfolk Tynd

Upscale Hare


Dustys Vintage Buttons

Prado Delano

Eric – Sticks + Twine podcastRib magazine

Michele Wang

Romi Hill

Gudrun Johnston

Mary Jane Mucklestone

Lori Graham

Jaclyn – Brooklyn Knitfolk Podcast

Kirsten – Voolenvine

Bristol Ivy

Up Helly Aa


Hello and Happy New Year! thank you for the kind comments on my last post, today I thought I’d take a look back over 2016 and some of my knitterly escapades..

This year was definitely a year of designing for me, that begun with my Crofthoose Hat and the announcement that I would be 2016’s Shetland Wool Week Patron

Photo 08-03-2016, 1 29 04 pm hat IMG_7306

I am so proud of my hat and truly feel it will be one of my most favourite designs forever, this of course, led to my going to Edinburgh Yarn Festival to launch the pattern.. (I can’t wait to go again in 2017!)

2016-03-19_1458380290 10995099_264222047242641_1587444479_n 2016-03-18_1458291950

I also designed a few more patterns using the Crofthoose Motif, the Crofthoose Jumper, Bairns Crofthoose and Crofthoose Mitts which were featured in the Shetland Wool Week Annual 2016thumbnail_SWW Annual vol.2_cover IMG_8167 IMG_8538

I also released two other patterns, the Hap Cowl and Flora Mitts, both contained skills I previously was afraid of – lace and fingers!

img_9544 img_9631-2

I have been so grateful and pleased with the response from my designs this year, it has really helped my confidence with designing and I hope to do much more in 2017, some are already in the pipleline!

Of course one big highlight for me this year was Shetland Wool Week, it was a great privilege to be asked to be patron and It was another great week even though I was so busy!

the wool week banner at the museum

the wool week banner at the museum

crofthoose hats

crofthoose hats


I also did lots of posts with photos which I really enjoyed this year, from clipping Sheep in Bressay, Lambs, the Whalsay Exhibition, Voe Show.. the list goes on.. (I encourage you to scroll through the blog and look at older posts, theres too many to link to!)

IMG_8070 IMG_8111 IMG_8656

IMG_9029 IMG_9350 img_9909

Thank you so much to everyone who reads my blog and comments, I really appreciate it! I hope things continue to grow and get better in 2017, In just under two weeks I am doing my last thing as the 2016 Wool Week patron by heading to New York for Vogue Knitting Live, yes me – going to New York!! So ill be sure to be back soon after it to tell you all about it,

thank you, xx

winter sunset

Hello everybody, I hope you have had a nice Christmas, mine has been very quiet. I have been suffering with an annoying cold/flu can’t I cant seem to shift so I’ve just been spending my week or so off knitting and watching tv (which is nice!)


Sadly just before Christmas I found out one of my good friends had passed away, Cushla was a lovely lady who I met really through working at J&S but it was her who asked me to join the texile musuem as a trustee which I did for a time. I knew she was ill and I spoke to her a few weeks before she died but it was still a big shock to me to find out she had passed away, I went to her funeral the day after boxing day and it hit me very hard while I was there that she was gone. The funeral was a lovely service and everyone who spoke summed up many of her beautiful features, Dorota, who was another trustee at the Bod with me and still is spoke at the service, you can read what she said here. Cushla was so very positive and really encouraged me in everything I did, it was her who made me do the oil/knitting exhibition at the bod a few years ago and I wouldn’t have known where to start without her. She was constantly emailing me with funny, interesting and encouraging things and my life will be much less enriching without her. I desperately wanted to tell her family how much she meant to me at the service for her but as usual, I couldn’t verbalise how I was feeling at the time.


I was sitting at home the day after the funeral and I looked out the window about 3pm to see a lovely sunset, I got into my car and drove (christmas holiday laziness) about two minutes down to the sletts to take a few pictures, I sat down and let my feelings and sadness sit with me for a while before I went and decided to go forward and try my best for Cushla, she wanted me to do whatever I could to let people in Shetland and all over the world learn and appreciate Shetland Textiles, so thats what I will do.

I’ll be back with a post about this year in the next few days, until then, happy knitting xxx



recent purchases

hello everyone! sorry its been a quiet few weeks since my last post, (thanks as always for the nice feedback!) work has been busy, the days are getting shorter (today it was nearly dark at ten to three PM..yuk!) but I have a few things to share which I have recently bought – some new and some vintage – all with a distinctly wintery theme..


A couple of weekends ago was the annual Shetland art and craft fair, I sadly didn’t have a stall this year – what with wool week and everything it was just too much work – hopefully next year ill be back!! but instead, I spent the weekend helping out my dad who is a cartoonist at his stall. This meant, of course I did a bit of buying to try and get over my regret at not selling my wares..

First I got some more naturally dyed wool from Spindrift Crafts, I bought some of her yarn last year and used it in the 4th colourway for my Crofthoose Hat pattern and I really love the soft colours.


We have Sheepskins from the Shetland Tannery at J&S and they are truly beautiful, I really admire Natalie (even more so after reading her interview on Kates blog) and like to support other women in Shetland doing their thing.. so I bought a pair of Sheepskin mittens from her. They are so so cosy..


The last thing I bought was a neck warmer from Mati Ventrillon, a designer based in Fair Isle, I love the way she puts colours and patterns together, although they are quite traditional she manages to make them look modern


Around the same time I got a few nice new (to me) knitwear bits from charity shops and ebay, first are these lovely gloves..


I love these kinds of Shetland gloves with a turned up cuff and all over Fair Isle, I would be pretty unlikely to knit myself a pair (although I would like to) but they are definitely very cosy and as usual although not colours I would pick I love them together.


I also picked up this lace scarf from a charity shop for £2! It’s knit in natural colours and again is one of those things I’d love to make – this is in 2ply Lace (J&S shades L1, L4, L5 and L78 if you were wondering!) but I’d like to make one in thicker yarn – even some of my precious speckled hand dyed yarns!

Any respectable haul by me is not complete without a couple of garments, the first is a machine knit lacy jumper which I got from ebay

img_0053 img_0055

If you know me you know I love grey so this is right up my street, it is Shetland Made going by the label and the seller wrote me a lovely note to say she was pleased it was coming back to Shetland as she had bought it either here or in Orkney in the 70’s or 80’s.

The last thing I’m going to share is another Cowichan cardigan featuring Buffalos and Canadian leafs which also came from ebay, it is hand knitted and so very warm

img_0046 img_0059

I am still interested in Cowichan garments and am currently working on another vest inspired by one so its always good to look at how one is put together, this one has great pockets on the front and a lovely big shawl collar.


SO i will definitely be keeping warm in Shetland this winter! rather aptly for the end of this post today the newest 60 north magazine was announced featuring a photo of myself and some (pah) of my collection on the cover.. If you missed out on my talk at wool week I have written a piece about it – it will be out soon. The photo was taken by Tom Barr for him and Kates new book Shetland Oo which is also coming out very soon!


Until later.. speak soon! xx


winter knitting video

Hello! I thought it was time for another video, apologies about the lighting and shadows but it’s winter now in Shetland and the show must go on! I hope you enjoy it :)

things mentioned:


Crofhoose Vest

Adelaide Yoke Pullover


Knitting From the North

Big Book of Mittens

Knitted Cable Sourcebook

Westknits Bestknits

A Shetlanders Fair Isle Graph Book

Gentle Knitter Podcast

Charm of It Podcast