winter sunset

Hello everybody, I hope you have had a nice Christmas, mine has been very quiet. I have been suffering with an annoying cold/flu can’t I cant seem to shift so I’ve just been spending my week or so off knitting and watching tv (which is nice!)


Sadly just before Christmas I found out one of my good friends had passed away, Cushla was a lovely lady who I met really through working at J&S but it was her who asked me to join the texile musuem as a trustee which I did for a time. I knew she was ill and I spoke to her a few weeks before she died but it was still a big shock to me to find out she had passed away, I went to her funeral the day after boxing day and it hit me very hard while I was there that she was gone. The funeral was a lovely service and everyone who spoke summed up many of her beautiful features, Dorota, who was another trustee at the Bod with me and still is spoke at the service, you can read what she said here. Cushla was so very positive and really encouraged me in everything I did, it was her who made me do the oil/knitting exhibition at the bod a few years ago and I wouldn’t have known where to start without her. She was constantly emailing me with funny, interesting and encouraging things and my life will be much less enriching without her. I desperately wanted to tell her family how much she meant to me at the service for her but as usual, I couldn’t verbalise how I was feeling at the time.


I was sitting at home the day after the funeral and I looked out the window about 3pm to see a lovely sunset, I got into my car and drove (christmas holiday laziness) about two minutes down to the sletts to take a few pictures, I sat down and let my feelings and sadness sit with me for a while before I went and decided to go forward and try my best for Cushla, she wanted me to do whatever I could to let people in Shetland and all over the world learn and appreciate Shetland Textiles, so thats what I will do.

I’ll be back with a post about this year in the next few days, until then, happy knitting xxx